The Institute of Management and Tourism takes up practical questions in cooperation with external partners and deals with them in action- oriented research projects. Therefore, the IMT assumes a role more than that of a classical consulting company. The close integration and the active information exchange within the pillars of research, further education and teaching inside the Competence Centre Tourism at the UAS West Coast enable the IMT to combine existing knowledge at the university - beyond various functional areas of business adminstration - and to utilise it for the development of customised solutions for industry.

For example, the IMT defines the further education consulting and mediation of further education offers in the project "Implementation of a Holistic Quality- and Qualification- System for Tourism in Schleswig- Holstein". Provision of information for decision- making and economic control in the management of tourist destinations is the aim of the project "Conception and Implementation of an Internet based  Professional Tourism Information System (T- Fis)". This is an action-oriented research and consulting- activity arising from the practice and research within the IMT.