Conferrals of Doctorate

In co-operation with Universities which have the right to award doctorates, tourism related doctoral studies are being carried out at the Institute of Management and Tourism, the University of Applied Sciences West Coast with corresponding first supervision.

Doctoral study in relation to the theme "Technology and Knowledge Transfer by the Development of a Mid-Level Faculty at the UAS West Coast" since early 2007 by Dipl.- Kfm. (FH) Thomas Alpen.

One of the positions within the context of the project was filled by Thomas Alpen (Dipl.-Kfm.) in the beginning of 2007. The University of Flensburg could be acquired as an eligible school for promotions. Professor Wolfgang Teschner from the Institute of International Management supervises the project in the interface of Information Technology and Tourism. Detailed information on the project "Technology and science transfer by developping academic structures with assistant professors and Ph.D. students at the West Coast University of Applied Sciences" can be found here.

Dr. des., Dipl. Geogr. Petra Dehm was researching "Development of an Evaluation Instrument for the Measurement of Brand Strengths of Destinations".

The thesis considered the methodology for the measurement of brand strengths of destinations. Various measurement methods are currently used in the service sector. These methods were being evaluated and adapted to the particularities of a destination and tested using the example of Spain.

The first supervision was assumed by Prof. Dr. Ingo Eberle, University of Trier. The dissertation was supported by the National Tourist Office of Spain (Berlin) and the UN World Tourism Organization (Madrid). The doctoral studies was funded by the "University and Sciences program (HWP)" of Schleswig-Holstein.

A summary of the dissertation can be found here.